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Today are the US elections so this is my final chance to share these videos and still be at least slightly topical with them.

To start off: This is a real campaign video by Chuck Norris:

Direct Youtube link

Here’s a less serious, but similarly hilarious, endorsement for Romney by Joss Whedon.

Direct Youtube link

I just read in the Freitag that Obama’s campaign has a lot less hip hop this year. But there is still some quality rap about the election:

Epic Rap Battles of History: Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

Direct Youtube link

Rap News

Direct Youtube link

And of course there are numerous memifications going around. I found these Gangnam Style ones thanks to NSFW:

Mitt Romney Style and Vote Obama Style

Guess who’s back

(Watch on Youtube)

The hiatus is over. The blog is back.

As I now have a number of friends who don’t speak German or only a little of it, or just plain don’t like the language, I finally have a reason to post more stuff in English. This first post after the hiatus is therefore available in English and German (with similar but not identical content, because just translating it would be boring). For your convenience I will try to tag all English posts accordingly, so if you don’t understand German you can easily filter to get only English content.

The concept of this blog is still not completely decided upon, nor is the design. I wanted to wait with the grand reopening until everything had found its place, but that obviously is not going to work and meanwhile I often sit in front of my keyboard thinking “man, I wish I could blog about this now”. So in following cool hip software design principles like Worse is Better and Release Early, Release Often I chuck this out in front of the readers’ eyes in a not-so-final form already. Constructive feedback is always welcome. I have been known in the past to implement wishes voiced by only a single reader, so don’t be shy.